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  • Con mèo mà trèo cây cau

    Tháng Năm 5, 2020 by

    Con mèo mà trèo cây cau Hỏi thăm chú chuột đi đâu vắng nhà Chú chuột đi chợ đường xa Mua mắm mua muối giỗ cha chú mèo The cat climbs up the cau tree Finding the house empty, he wonder where the mouse has gone The mouse went to the market afar Looking for… Đọc thêm

  • Useful language learning resources

    Tháng Tư 23, 2020 by

    As you may know, I am currently learning Italian, which would be the 7th foreign language I have attempted. Although I’ve failed at Chinese, Japanese and Russian, I can speak the other 4 on at least a conversational level. What I am doing differently this time is that I will learn the language all by… Đọc thêm

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